Whiteboard Explainers

Help your audience understand your story with animated explainer videos.


Whiteboard Explainers




4 Team Members


15-30 sec

Whiteboard Explainers

Whiteboard Explainer videos belong to the category of animated videos with the elements of illustration and 2D graphics. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature about whiteboard explainers is that the whole story is drawn on the screen. Scene after scene, customers watch how the story develops. To make the narration more complete, the voiceover is used.

The Challenge

Whiteboard Explainer is the perfect way to explain complex things in simple forms. They are also great when you need to make something small more significant. Or when you need to draw the attention of the users to some tiny details.

The Outcome

Whiteboard Explainer video examples, you will notice: they take one idea and make it the key message of the whole video. Due to this, the user is more focused on what you want to say, and it gets easier to convert a user into a lead.

There’s a huge amount of trust we have in their ability to deliver good-quality and reliable video.
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